OsteoShape’s mission is to provide the highest quality models of orthopedic devices in their anatomic context.  We help manufacturers and users of orthopedic implants and devices create physical tools for communicating face-to-face. Our expertise includes sales and marketing, professional education and training applications, supported by 30 years of industry experience. Our team’s knowledge of the materials and processes for model-making is deep. Our capacity to produce is proven. We listen to your needs and ideas, confirm alignment of approach, and deliver solutions to fit your budget. Please browse our site to see examples of work completed for satisfied clients.

“I am officially everyone’s best friend now that we have these models!”

– Becca, Product Manager

Better Fit

Looking for precision fit of your implantable device to bone models? You’re in the right place! We can eliminate gaps and provide implant models that fit the anatomy.

Better Feel

Want to demonstrate how a surgical device interacts with bone to improve demonstrations? Our model constructs will provide a simulation that can’t be beat.

Better Finish

Need models of chrome and grit-blasted implants? Osteoshape’s knowledge and processes provide implant models that are life-like and durable.

Better Function

Need to show dynamic relationships and anatomic movements? Our bone models include accurate anatomic features that enhance the overall experience.

Better Fine Details

If the anatomy and bones involved are small in scale, requiring highly detailed craftsmanship, we have the expertise to highlight your offering.

Better Foam Bones

Do “off-the-shelf” Sawbones® fall short? Our  foam bone models include life-like deformity, correct bony anatomy, and variable densities to meet your needs.