“Thank you so much for the delivery of on-time, high-quality models!”

– Becca, Product Manager

f2fFace-to-face conversations are critical to first impressions, building trust, overcoming fears and reaching decisions. Digital media has made huge and important contributions, but humans still crave the ability to touch, feel and interact with real people and real examples. Tactile feedback and personal reassurances are a powerful combination when decisions involve significant perception of risk. Decisions about new implant technology and surgical procedures demand comfort levels not easily achieved. Providing solutions for that “moment of truth” is our focus at OsteoShape.

Founded by Phil Mercier in 2013, our mission is to provide the highest quality models of orthopedic devices in their anatomic context. We help manufacturers and users of orthopedic implants and devices create models and materials for shaping the conversation. Our expertise includes sales and marketing, professional education and training applications, supported by 30 years of industry experience. Our knowledge of the materials and processes for model-making is deep. We listen to your needs and ideas, confirm alignment of approach, and deliver solutions to fit your budget. Please browse our site to see examples of work completed for satisfied clients.

Located in Warsaw, Indiana, OsteoShape is surrounded by orthopedic implant makers of all sizes and professionals with knowledge and talent related to our work. Several large companies and multiple start-ups provide a stimulating environment locally for our work. We also serve rapidly growing companies from Boston to California as they launch new products and differentiate their offerings around the world. Whether you need trainer models with soft-tissue detail for professional education, sales support materials for new product launch, alternatives to Sawbones® or exhibits with water-clear acrylics for trade shows, OsteoShape can help you with better bone models.